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Finding the root cause of pain and getting you back in the gym, fast.

Is pain throwing off your workout routine? 

Shoulder pain limiting your ability to bench press or lift overhead?

Having trouble with overhead lifts? 

Worried about your deadlift form aggravating your lower back?  

Let’s figure out the problem so you can stop modifying and go back to progressing your workouts. 

At PhysioRX, our unique treatment model allows us to spend a full 60 minutes with our patients each visit. Our methods get to the root cause of the pain and are proven to be effective in medical literature.

Why run around to different appointments, wasting time and money, and prolonging the recovery process? Our Doctors of Physical Therapy evaluate and treat all musculoskeletal issues.

We get to know you, we collaborate with you, and we help you reach your goals. 

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I can totally write a long review for PhysioRX, but let's get to the point: HIGHLY Recommended! I am a competitive powerlifter, and I saw Georgio for left side hip labral joint pain which prevented me from squatting heavy. Georgio not only identified the root cause but also guided my body for further injury prevention. He always spends one full hour giving me all the attention and patience, understanding my progress at the time and adjusting the treatment and program on the with all aspects of knowledge. After several months of severe pain training, within only a few weeks, I was surprisingly finding myself back under the barbell squatting again. If you are looking for a a good PT for either rehabbing or even "prehabbing," speak with Georgio to get yourself the great PT. Thank you again Physiorx!
Yuan, 35, Midtown
Competitive lifter with hip pain
Georgio is the best PT I've ever seen. I had issues with tennis elbow and Georgio not only saw me and helped with my pain management, but he also gave me exercises to do at home. I would often forget exactly how to perform some of the exercises, and Georgio would send me detailed videos with instructions. I've been to another PT place before and I did not get any out of office help. It has been months since I have seen him and he is still sending me emails asking about my issue. I actually just went to see an orthopedist, and Georgio was one of the first people I called to get his opinion. I have never met a professional who cared so much about my well being.
Jon, 29, Chelsea
Forearm pain with weightlifting
I never write reviews, but my session at PhysioRX was so individualized and thorough I had to share. I got big into crossfit a few years ago and get occasional shoulder and knee pain. I've tried several PT clinics in the area and they tend to feel generic and like I'm always being rushed out for the next client. Georgio was so knowledgable and my session with him was personalized and I never felt hurried. Finally a great PT option in the area!
Alana, 28, UES
Knee and shoulder pain at crossfit
Georgio is very attentive and specific with what works based on the patients needs. I just started doing crossfit in January and my shoulder has been acting up. It's feeling better after a few sessions and I'm back to working out.
Tyler, 23, Westchester
Shoulder pain in Crossfit

Assessments and Treatment Techniques

  • Movement Assessments
  • Movement Breakouts to Discover Mobility or Stability Problems
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Mobility Drills
  • Spinal and Joint Manipulation Techniques
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) 
  • Kinesiotaping and Rock Taping 
  • Spinal and Joint Mobilization
  • Neuromuscular Exercise
  • Proprioception and Balance Exercise

Do you have pain when lifting?

Did you know that you do NOT have to put down the barbell to fix the problem? You can rehab AND continue to lift.

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