Become a resilient runner

Strength Training Program

Designed for Runners

Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Run Longer + Hit PRs

Targets all the major muscle groups that are essential for a runner

Program Includes Strengthening, Plyometrics, and Conditioning Circuits

Workouts change daily and become more challenging every week

Delivered directly to your phone through our app!

Includes 1 Bonus!

BONUS: Runner's Webinar

Access to our exclusive Strength Training for Runners Webinar

Discover how to plan your perfect training week, use a dynamic warm-up, and more!

This is the exact webinar we present to different running groups we consult with

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Most frequently asked questions

Every exercise comes with a video demonstration. If you want more detailed instruction, our monthly remote rehab option comes with unlimited messaging with your PT, so you can ask questions at any time!

We are sure your strength training program will be a valuable addition to your workout routine, but we understand there may be reasons you can no longer participate. You can stop your membership at any time and there is no cancellation fee.

You can access your strength training program using a web browser on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. There is an app available for iPhone and iPad.

DISCLAIMER: All information in this program is intended for education and informational purposes only. This should not substitute medical advice and you should always seek a medical opinion for injuries, particularly when participating in a workout regimen. PhysioRX and our team are not responsible for any harm or injury that may result. Significant injury risk is possible if you do not follow due diligence and seek suitable professional advice about your injury. 

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