Virtual PT + remote Rehab Coaching

PhysioRX's remote programming has paid huge dividends for my PT recovery and overall fitness. Before working with Zach, I'd gone through over a year of challenges with recovery. Now, even after fully transitioning from in-person to remote rehab 3 months ago, my shoulder is feeling better than ever. Having personalized workouts on my phone keeps me accountable and focused on the most impactful things I could be doing each week, even when I have little to no workout equipment to work with."

Mike, 27, NYC 
Fitness Class Enthusiast

What is Virtual Physio?

Simply put, “virtual physical therapy” (or “telehealth physical therapy”) refers to physical therapy services that are provided through video on our Remote Rehab App, rather than in-person.

PhysioRX is fully equipped with the technology and experience to provide you with all of your rehab programming at home!

Our Virtual PT and Remote Rehab Programs include:

  •  the ability to “meet” your PT for virtual assessments and guided sessions
  • 100% customized exercise programming, with videos delivered weekly through our app
  • Unlimited messaging with your PT – ask questions any time
  • a “check in call” to ensure you’re staying on track

Every virtual session is tailored to your recovery needs and the equipment accessible to you.

Ready to see if Remote Rehab is right for you? Book a FREE call with a Doctor of PT to find out.

Working with PhysioRX's remote programming has been the game changer for me.  I was dealing with achilles tendinitis that was impacting my training.  After an assessment with Georgio, he was able to create a program I could do on my own to treat the cause of the problem.  Georgio kept in contact with me and their app was a great way to get info and stay on track.  My favorite part of working with Georgio remotely was he never told me I needed to stop training.  He monitored and adjusted my training and I'm moving better and stronger now than before the injury.

Frank, 31, NYC
Runner, Fitness Coach and Obstacle Course Race Athlete

Are you the right fit for Remote Rehab?

Who is a good fit for Remote Rehab? Everyone!

Whether you are recovering from surgery, working out through an injury, looking to strengthen the right way, or just seeking preventative care – remote rehab can benefit you.

Remote rehab can be combined with in-person sessions, however sometimes it just is not possible to make it to the gym. We will work with you to figure out the right solution for your rehab goals. 


Most frequently asked questions about Virtual PT and Remote Rehab

At PhysioRX, we’re not into selling quick fixes. And we also understand it’s big decision for you when choosing someone to trust with your care. That’s why we always offer a complimentary phone consultation with a Doctor of PT. You can tell your PT your entire story, and decide together if this is the right fit. Our Promise: we only take on clients we truly believe we can help! 

The truth is, an active approach that utilizes specific exercises is what’s truly going to get you better. And the newest medical research agrees – things like massage and joint manipulations only feel good for the short term. We’re not into short term results. 

Every exercise comes with a video demonstration and written explanation. With our monthly remote rehab option, you have unlimited messaging with your PT, so you can ask questions at any time.

No, you can see a Physical Therapist directly without a prescription. Save time and money by getting PT early and getting out of pain sooner. Our Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialists are trained to examine and treat all conditions, and will refer you to another medical provider if necessary.

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