Health and Nutrition Coaching

Want to get stronger or put on muscle, but you're not sure where to start?

Been let down by fitness classes and fad diets in the past?

Or maybe you're looking to train smarter, for injury prevention and longevity. Either way - we've got you covered.

We offer personalized fitness and nutrition coaching through the PhysioRX app, or on-site in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Backed by science, designed to fit your lifestyle.

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Small Group Personal Training

PhysioRX Small Group Training combines the best of individualized coaching with community and accountability.

The problem with big group fitness classes is that everyone follows the same, mass produced workout. And unfortunately, workouts are designed to entertain a group rather than get real results.

And many people are intimidated in a commercial gym, with nowhere to turn for help except for expensive personal training sessions.

No more trendy big group classes that don’t work.
No more feeling lost in a huge commercial gym.

Get the guidance, support, and accountability you need to transform your health and fitness.

Follow a workout designed just for you while a PhysioRX Coach guides you in our private fitness studio.

PhysioRX Small Group Training includes:

A science-backed fitness program, designed specifically for you

On-site coaching from a PhysioRX Coach

Progress tracking for metrics such as body fat percentage through the InBody Scale

Nutrition guidance

Messaging support with your coach and PT through the PhysioRX App

*Offered currently in our Brooklyn location

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Science Backed Training


Individualized Program


Access to Physical Therapists


Workouts While your Away


Lifestyle Habits and Accountability


Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition Coaching

No more yo-yo dieting.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, put on muscle, or simply get healthier - we help you create long term changes that support your goals and fit your lifestyle.

cutting out your favorite foods or missing out on time with friends and family.

Your coach will teach you everything you need to know, and support and guide you along the way.

While the PhysioRX app (with built-in food database and barcode scanner) helps us track data like calorie and macro targets, weight, progress pics, and more.

Nutrition coaching with PhysioRX is about making sustainable changes. No fad diets or extreme restrictions.

Personal Training

Do better with 1-1 sessions?

Personal training in Park Slope and Manhattan includes all the same PhysioRX benefits above, like nutrition support, injury management, lifestyle habits, and more.

One-on-one sessions combined with the structure, support and accountability you need to succeed outside of the gym.

We’re in the business of transforming lives

Life-changing results

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5 Star Reviews

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I came to PhysioRx after a meniscus tear and partial meniscectomy surgery. I was eager to get back to CrossFit and hiking, but I was also nervous. Working weekly on strength and mobility helped me immensely. In less than 2 weeks after returning to CrossFit, I've already PR'd 2 lifts and I am taking a hiking trip this week. I didn't expect to come out of this injury stronger than I'd been before, but working with the PhysioRx team made that happen!

Crossfitter, Meniscus Surgery
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Great. Came here post rotator cuff surgery. First off, it's inside a gym. Each session was 60 minutes of hands on training that felt more like a workout than your standard boring PT sessions. I Saw Zach over the course of several months. He was super friendly, and super knowledgable. I learned a lot and walked away stronger with great tips on form/workouts/stretches etc.

Weightlifter, Rotator Cuff Surgery
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I found PhysioRX at 5 months post ACL reconstruction. After going through the typical PT clinics, I knew that I had to find a place that knew how to rehab this complex injury... PhysioRX is very knowledgeable with treating ACLs and they are always staying on top of the latest research. Here you get 1 on 1 high quality care and an individualized program to do on your own. I can honestly say that Georgio has made my journey to recovery smooth and he has even made me a better athlete.

Martial Arts, ACL Reconstruction
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I worked with Georgio for ACL post-surgical physical therapy. He focused on rehab/knee specific movements, overall strength, and some anaerobic and sports specific conditioning to get me back into competitive sports. Overall, he gave me that final boost of confidence that I needed to go full force into competitive sports training. Lastly, he programmed BFR specific training for me outside of the work that I did with him at the gym and it proved to be really effective in growing quad size.

Fitness Athlete, ACL Reconstruction
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