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Custom Physical therapy

Whether you are a casual gym-goer, runner, fitness class enthusiast, or high level athlete – we’ve got you covered with a physical therapy program that is tailored to you.

Physical Therapy For Crossfit & Barbell

Don’t miss out on any time in the gym. Pain shouldn’t be affecting your workouts – get back under the barbell pain-free and stronger than before.

ACL Rehab and Post-Surgical Physical Therapy

Your active lifestyle requires more than the typical post-op PT. Get back to 100% after surgery.

Remote rEHAB and performance cOACHING

Remote programming and PT support delivered through the PhysioRX App. Customized to your injury and goals.

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The 4 Step Process To
Getting Back To The
Barbell After Injury

Did you know that you do NOT have to put down the barbell to fix the problem? With this free guide you will learn how to rehab AND continue to lift.

5 Myths About Low Back Pain

Learn the TRUTH about Low Back Pain and how to overcome it today. These common myths may be hindering your progress and preventing you from being as active as you want!

3 ACL Rehab Essentials to Make a Full Return to Sports

Ensure you're getting the BEST result possible after ACL surgery. This guide includes videos of the Return to Sports Tests you MUST pass to safely get back to your sport.

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