Becky Schwartzman


Becky is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Small Group Personal Training coach at PhysioRX. She believes that movement and strength training are the keys to feeling strong, getting out of pain, and building a healthy lifestyle. 

Becky has experience working with clients at all different experience levels, both with injury rehab and in strength training. She loves seeing her clients set goals and feel empowered to reach them.

As a former gymnast and ice skater, Becky has had her fair share of injuries, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge of strength and injury rehab with her clients. She is committed to improving the wellbeing of her clients through a combination of training, education, and empathy.

In Becky’s personal time, she enjoys running with her dog Glacier, swinging on monkey bars, spending time with her husband Robbie, and of course eating at all the different places the city has to offer, especially right here in Brooklyn!

Certifications and coursework include:

  • Masters in Athletic Training
  • Certified Personal Trainer

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