Connor Cronan

ACL Rehab

Connor Cronan holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

As a former powerlifter and personal trainer, he combines his years of experience with his clinical training to create a comprehensive rehab and fitness program for his clients. He has an orthopedic background working with a variety of age groups and interests, including powerlifters, high level athletes, casual gym-goers, and post-operative patients.

Connor is passionate about taking the time to understand his patient’s goals, collaborating with them to design an achievable game plan, and empowering them to take control of their health and fitness.

In Connor's personal time he enjoys hanging out with friends, reading at a coffee shop/park, or looking for the next best slice/sandwich/sushi in the city.

Certifications and coursework include:

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete (CMFA)
  • Special interests include barbell athletes, everyday lifters, and post-operative rehab

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